639 CZK
Skofka x Kozak Siromaha
26 May

Skofka x Kozak Siromaha

639 CZK

Futurum Music Bar
Zborovská 7, Praha 5

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About the show

Concert of Ukrainian artists in Prague!

Join us for an unforgettable evening of Ukrainian music on May 26 at Futurum Music Bar in Prague, where two outstanding artists, Skofka and Kozak Siromakha, will unite on stage for an unrivaled performance. It will be a special concert that will combine modernity and history, depth and soulfulness, two great performers will create an atmosphere of unity and warmth together with you. Do not miss the opportunity to feel the power and beauty of Ukrainian music in the heart of Prague!

Skofka X Kozak Siromakha at Futurum Music Bar!

Skofka, one of the most famous Ukrainian rap artists, will immerse you in the world of his sincere and deep stories that captivate the listener from start to finish. His music is a combination of modern rhythms with meaningful lyrics.

On the other hand, Kozak Siromakha, a true Cossack in spirit and essence, will present his music filled with Ukrainian motifs and Cossack style. His performance will be full of energy and enthusiasm, which will be easily transmitted to each guest.

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Songs of the artists:


  • “Не забудем і не пробачим”

  • “Чути гімн”

  • “ЗАГЛОХ”

Kozak Siromaha:

  • “Ворога Поборемо”

  • “Ну ж бо”

  • “Останній маяк”