1199 CZK
08 May


1199 CZK

Lucerna Music Bar
Vodičkova 36, Nové Město

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About the show

Ukrainian electro-folk band ONUKA at Lucerna Music Bar!

We invite you to an unforgettable musical journey through the beautiful sounds and deep landscapes of the Ukrainian electro-folk band ONUKA. They are going on tour in Europe, where they will present their latest creative work called "ROOM". You will be able to meet the band and listen to their music live in Prague, namely at Lucerna Music Bar, on May 8. Visit ONUKA's concert in the Czechia capital and plunge into the world of magical music.

Prague, meet ONUKA with their new album!

The album “ROOM” is a story told in 10 songs that tell about the present day Ukrainians, about life in wartime. From trembitas and banduras to synthesizers and drums, every sound in ONUKA's music inspires and uplifts the spirit, you will hear the piercing ballad "Душа Народу", the driving "PEREMOHA" and many other songs. The performance of this band is not just a concert, but a real artistic discovery that will bring you a lot of impressions and emotions. To attend a ONUKA concert in Prague, buy tickets on our website.

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ONUKA's compositions:

  • “Misto”

  • “ZENIT”

  • “Time”

  • “Vidlik”

  • “UYAVY”