1350-1990 CZK
15 October


1350-1990 CZK

ROXY Prague
Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Staré Město

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03 October, 20:00 Haarlem 49 EUR Buy
06 October, 20:00 Krakow 169 PLN Buy
07 October, 20:00 Wroclaw 169 PLN Buy
09 October, 20:00 Warszawa 179 PLN Buy
10 October, 20:00 Gdansk 169 PLN Buy
13 October, 20:00 Poznan 169 PLN Buy
16 October, 20:00 Vienna 49 EUR Buy

About the show

Two and a Half Years of Constant Concerts

At Boombox concerts over the past two and a half years, you might hear the phrase, "This concert is not commercial." It's not entirely accurate—we strive to make every concert tour in the United States, Europe, Canada, and the United Kingdom as profitable as possible. We're not only trying to put on a powerful performance but also to raise as much money as we can. This is our humble mission: through the Andriy Khlyvnyuk Foundation, we aim to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the necessary supplies. Achieving this is possible thanks to each of you who attend our concerts, buy our merchandise, and make donations.

The best compliment for the band is your comments after the concert, such as "it feels like being at home," your trust when you buy flags with the Boomdox emblem, and the money you hand over directly after the concert. We enjoy playing for everyone, as Andriy Khlyvnyuk jokes, who knows "a few words" from BoomBox songs, but we enjoy even more doing important things with you.

So in October, we're going on a tour of Europe. Eleven countries, seventeen cities, three promo agencies—we share a love for music, and you, friends, are joining us on the Drone Tour. It will continue as long as Ukraine has not yet achieved victory. If you're currently in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Belgium, or Hungary, come listen to your "favorite band" and make your contribution to our common goal on the path to victory. Yes, we sing and play music, but we also buy Mavics, generators, antennas, REBs, FPVs, and much more. One of the best feelings is when the men and women, defenders from the front lines, say, "Thank you. Send greetings at the concerts." Come, and we will pass them along.